Jun 27

House of Ho with Meta

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Des Voeux Rd C 279, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

11:00 PM - 5:00 AM


House of Mr. Ho with meta.


Owner, deal maker and A&R at Klasse Wrecks and Redseal Records. Energetic dj who prefers to play long sets with different grooves and tempos. Always likes to introduce some romantic atmosphere in the mix. Made records for Klasse Wrecks, ESP Institute, Clone Jack for Daze, Neubau, and Creme Organization and a a few others too. Enjoys House, Techno, Bongo, Acid, Electro.

Born and raised in North London, music has been a consistent undercurrent throughout meta's life; from his early days spent recording his favourite songs from the radio, and to the influences from his parents' and friends' selections. Having initially focused on primarily playing psychedelic trance, an introduction to Sandwell District's revered 'Feed Forward' LP signaled the start of a new phase. A torrent of new influences then led meta on a meandering path of esoteric techno. At present, meta avoids sitting in any one pocket; contented more with crossing over and exploring genre mutations. By embracing every personal musical imprint, he tries best to convey these broad elements onto the dance floor. With a growing reputation as a versatile taste-maker; meta's forward thinking yet nostalgic approach continues to draw praise. Based in Hong Kong, he is a resident of Cipher, and a regular selector on the local circuit.

GENRE: Techno / House


Mr. Ho