• Tickets

  • How can I buy tickets?

    Nothing is as easy as buying a ticket on Electric Soul! Go to the event page and click on "Get Tickets" to be re-directed to the checkout. After choosing the ticket types and numbers, make sure to accurately fill in your contact information as well as the various attendees names and emails. If you are not sure about the names and emails, you can all assign them to your own and change them later, no worries! You will have the opportunity to edit the information and transfer them from your ticket wallet after. Complete the purchase by going through the secure check out, an that's it!

  • How can I enter the venue?

    Simply show your QR code ticket to be scanned at the entrance. Proof of ID can be asked by the organizer.

  • I can't find my ticket, how can I get in?

    No worries! The organizer has your name, as registered during the purchasing process or via the ticket information editing. Simply show a proof of idea, and that's it! Note: If you don't have your ticket and no proof of idea, the organizer can refuse the entrance.

  • Tokens

  • How can I buy tokens?

    When an event sell Token Bundles for food and drinks*, you can buy them from: - the event page itself, after clicking on "Get Tickets" - your ticket wallet, by clicking on "Buy More Tokens" *Please drink responsibly. Do not drive and drink.

  • Why should I buy tokens?

    Buying tokens via Electric Soul before or during an event will allow you to say goodbye to the looooooonng repetitive queues and to benefit from awesome discounted prices and offers. You didn't use everything during the event? No worries, check the refund policy of the event to get the remaining wired back to your account!

  • How can I use tokens?

    When you have tokens in your Token wallet, click on Create Order, select your desired items and validate. Now that you have generated your order QR code, get it scanned and enjoy!* *Please drink responsibly. Do not drive and drink.

  • I made a mistake on a token order, what can I do?

    If your order hasn't been scanned yet, you can go to your Order History and choose the one you want to cancel. After clicking on the three-dot symbol on the top right corner, click Cancel, and that's it! Note: you need to have internet connection for this. If your order has been used already, it cannot be refunded. If you have any other problem, please contact our support team.

  • Refund

  • How can I get a refund on tokens leftovers?

    If Token refund has been activated by the organizer of this event, you will receive an email after the event. All your unused orders will be automatically put back in your wallet. You will simply need to go to your wallet and click "Request refund". Money will be wired within 2 weeks following treatment of your request. Please note that the free tokens purchased in discounted bundles can't be refunded.

  • How can I get a refund on tickets?

    No refund are granted on tickets.

  • Payment

  • How can I pay on Electric Soul?

    Electric Soul currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

  • Is my credit card information secure?

    We do not stock your credit card information. Moreover, the whole payment process integrates Stripe payment solution. You can access more information about Stripe data protection here.

  • Data

  • Why should I provide my real name when registering or buying tickets?

    Providing the correct name as written on your ID and bringing your proof of ID will allow you to prove your identity if asked by the organizer at the entrance of the event. Moreover, it allows us to make sure that tickets are safely distributed to the right person for each event and avoid fraud.