Sep 14


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Audio San Francisco, 316 11th St San Francisco, California, San Francisco, California, USA, SF

9:30 PM - 2:30 AM


Cazzette may have been part of the Swedish EDM explosion of 2012, but they quickly distinguished themselves from Dada Life, Swedish House Mafia, and the rest of the competition when they announced that their official debut would be the first ever released exclusively on a streaming music site. Members Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Björklund were two Stockholm producers who joined forces in 2011. After meeting manager Ash Pournouri, the three combined two of the favorite strains of dance music -- dubstep and house -- for a sound they called "dubhouse." Bootlegs of Swedish House Mafia and Kanye West tracks introduced their dubhouse to loyal EDM fans, and through Pournouri, they were able to bring this sound to the masses when they made their official debut in 2011 with a remix of Avicii's single "Sweet Dreams."

Best Records:
"Blind Heart"
"Beam Me Up"


General Admission Tier 1: $10
General Admission Tier 2: $15

GENRE: House / Techno


Darnel Christoph
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