May 5


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11:00 PM - 2:00 AM


A former staff member of Rubadub Records in Glasgow, swedish dj Sean Dixon started producing music in 2012. Inspired partly by Detroit techno and Chicago house, Sean quickly found his sound. A year after starting producing, he started his own record label Final Chapter, where he released the acclaimed debut record ”Warehouse EP” in september 2013. The year later, he followed up the debut EP with two more Final Chapter records, ”Perspective EP” remixed by Detroit ́s Jared Wilson and Perseus Traxx, and ”Unknown EP” remixed by Oliver Deutschmann. During 2015, two more releases on Final Chapter saw the light, including remixes by Dekmantel ́s Palms Trax and Eduardo De La Calle.In 2016 Sean made his debut on german label Rawax, and followed it up in 2017 with a split series release on Steve O ́Sullivan ́s seminal Mosaic label, as well as the 007 release on Final Chapter, and a v/a on Clone, this time on their Chicago house influenced ”Jack For Daze” series.

Best Records:
"Still Unknown"
"We Call It House"

ADMISSION: $120 (Including 1 Drink)

GENRE: Techno / House


Sean Dixon