Nov 16


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Des Voeux Rd C 279, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

11:00 PM - 5:00 AM

Finsent C is an artist native to Hong Kong, who has seen his sound evolve innumerably since his initial foray into DJing in 2009. Having been in his formative years, a drummer and member of a local band, he eventually sought refuge in electronic music, cultivating a sound that can be best described as fluid, with an emphasis on the hypnotic spectrum of techno. He perceives sets as flowing journeys, which requires time and an element of patience to truly achieve. His recent solo project, Cipher, is a metaphor for his musical direction and vision 'experiencing' parties that verge on the ritualistic, and extend almost indefinitely, to which point they have been described as totally otherworldly. Artists both locally and internationally have been invited to express their various forms of deep, experimental and meditative sounds. His long running collaborative project, Utopia, which he co-founded alongside Marco Yu and Mill H, has actively been pushing the local scene with an array of parties, and continues to bring techno and house enthusiasts together at clubs and festivals across East Asia.

Marco was a keen guitarist for over 10 years before mastering the art of Djing electronic music in 2010. As a co-founder of the nightlife collective Utopia Hong Kong, Marco and his teammates are now firmly established in the city’s ever evolving dance music scene, all due to years of dedicated work. Although Marco is well known as a techno DJ, he is also adept to playing his collection of vinyl, from micro to minmal house music, which sounds composed percussion and fresh melodic synths driven on dance floor. In 2018, Macro promote heavier techno sounds wall on the side with his own “Blank” events, featuring very raw, deep, hypnotic and dronelike sounds, at warehouses and secret venues.

General Admission before 12:00 AM: $100
General Admission after 12:00 AM: $150

GENRE: House / Techno


Finsent C