Dec 6


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Shop 41A, 1/F, The Avenue, Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

9:00 PM - 4:00 AM

Thomas and Julien de Bie aka Parallells are a duo of DJ/producers from South of France and based in The Netherlands. The duo grew up in a jazzy and funky environment, played both at the Jazz Conservatory. Their set can be characterized by the mix of several genres with a spacey and melodic touch that brings its audience on an emotional journey. Co-founders of Klassified Records, the two brothers also run the Klassified Music Festival in South of France. Proposing both Dj and a live set, since 2015 Parallells quickly made their way into the music industry, playing in famous festivals over the globe. Parallells continuous look for new sounds of unusual places that they translate into music and videos called "A Day At".

Rumours have it that he escaped from a confetti factory in some faraway place, and that he was on the road with a flea circus afterwards. That would explain why all those sepia-coloured scenes from exotic places appear before the inner eye of his listeners: with the steady, hypnotic rattle of a steam train in the background, they show sequences from Middle East, South America, India, and from the infinite realms of inner space. It's this organic amalgamation of traditional, hand-played music and the digital functionality of house beats that makes Timboletti a very special DJ and producer. Timboletti performed at festivals like Fusion Festival Germany, Afrika Burn South Africa, Wonderfruit Festival Thailand, Chill-out Festival Turkey and played in places like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basel, Berlin, Budapest and many more.

Best Records:
"Papa Papaya"
"Coconut Kingdom"

Advance Ticket: HKD $200
Door Ticket: HKD $250

GENRE: Deep House


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