Jan 31


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Des Voeux Rd C 279, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

11:00 PM - 5:00 AM

1 people going

Shhhhh aka Ryuichi Kaneko is a DJ from Tokyo / El Folclore Paradox the excavation activity of traditional / world music and the redefinition of “world music”. He plays unknown tribal & traditional music to brand-new techno & has the most appearance on DOMMUNE as DJ Japanese BOILER ROOM. He started a new label “EL Folclore Paradox” making connection with South American nu wave. Released the vinyl LP Voodoohop Entropia 1.5 Invited Nicola Cruz ZZK Records / Multi Culti, DJ Spaniol sonido tropico,São Paulo to Japan. He has played many Japanese underground, recerntry he play at Vienam the observatory, Bangkok.

Youry's musical taste encompasses a wide range of styles and artists. Whether using hip hop, jazz, disco, or house, his signature quality is his ability to meld genres seamlessly in order to produce a groove that is both sensual and electric. No matter where he plays Russia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and elsewhere the goal is always the same: making the crowd move their bodies to the funkiest beats around. He is an impeccable curator of sound, crafting sets that are sexy and unexpected. For Youry, music should make us feel things we can't express at least until we start moving to the beat.


GENRE: Techno


DJ Shhhhh