Nov 16


Secret Location show map

Reveal 24 hours before the event, Hong Kong

11:00 PM - 5:00 AM

Welcome to The Cave of Rave!

Rave Mama is excited to announce a 2 ROOM event coming this fall at a SECRET BASEMENT on Saturday 16 November 2019. If you still remember our last Secret Warehouse Rave, this time we have a larger venue to further cater for everyone's raving needs!

Location: Secret Basement in Hong Kong

PM us if you would like to come, venue would only be send to people who provide us with an email address. Venue won't be released until closer to the event date.

Lonskii one of the biggest up coming Dj with the most banging hard trance sound since 2004, he had 5 residencies at Melbourne's finest nightclubs through out the year such as 3D, bubble and Hard Kandy. He also played as a guest DJ for many clubs/events such as Basscode, Day Dream, EZZE, Beautiful day PHD, PHD 10th Birthday, and pharmacy many more to be named. He loves hard beats, melodies and anthems with energetic driving sound and influenced by Dave joy, Sully, Dark by design, Steve Hill, Technikal, Kamui, Scott Project, Alex Kidd, Phatt, Shokk, Space Raven, Synthetic, Bas n Ram etc. In 2010, he decided to take a new step by throwing parties, the 2 most iconic hard dance clubs / event in Melbourne were "King of Clubs and Ace of Spade" and in 2017 he successfully organised the sold out show called "Transmission festival Asia".

Pre-Sale Ticket: HKD $150 [BYOD]

GENRE: Techno / Trance / Tech Trance