Sep 18

Rare in The Sky, Unparalleled in The World

FINAL show map

B1, No. 249, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan 106, Taipei

11:30 PM - 4:30 AM

General Admission before 01:00 AM: NT$ 400
General Admission after 01:00 AM: NT$ 500 (Including 1 Drink)


Real people and real things happened in FINAL. An unusual thing happened on an ordinary night. After a night of carnival, only one employee was left alone to do the aftermath. When he saw a man with dizzy eyes and a word in his mouth staggered downstairs, the employee hurriedly walked downstairs. When the back door was brought, he asked what this man had come from? The man immediately grabbed the employee excitedly and said, "I'm here to find my girlfriend ten years ago!" The employee forcefully said calmly, "It was not FINAL ten years ago, sir, you must be mistaken... The man yelled, "It's FINAL, this place! She has been here for ten years!" "I have been here for ten years?" The employee finally couldn't stop the chill in his heart, afraid that he would encounter something that shouldn't be touched, and asked with trembling words: "Then... Then, please describe what it looks like in FINAL. ..." The man suddenly stopped his excitement, and said two words to him with a cold smile: "There are few in the sky, and the world is unparalleled."


Ao Wu
Crying Mento