Jan 26


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Audio San Francisco, 316 11th St San Francisco, California, San Francisco, California, USA, SF

1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

If you want to make the world a happier place, play it a song. That's Willa's philosophy, and it's the bumping rhythm at the heart of his sound. From his DJ sets to his productions, Willa's music pulses with an excitable, positive energy. It's his mission to infect the world with groove. Each set is another opportunity to dig into your soul, each dance floor a bed for seeds to grow into pure, danceable joy. Raised on wild Florida nights, he's found his spiritual home in San Francisco. Inspired by the neon hum of the historic city's cybernetic streets, he blends electronic textures with organic elements to create a swirl of psychedelia no breathing body can ignore. Is it technosoul? Is it freakhouse? Where Willa's going, you don't need words.

Best Records:
"Freak Beep"
"Space Diva"

RSVP Ticket before 02:00 PM: Free
General Admission: $10

GENRE: Techno


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Reid Elliot
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