Jun 6

Opulent Temple Seattle presents Sacred Dance

Canvas Event Space show map

3412 4th Avenue South Seattle, WA, Seattle

9:00 PM - 3:00 AM

Sacred Dancers: USD 25
Pre-Sale Ticket: USD 30


Opulent Temple Seattle presents: Sacred Dance: Our 9th Annual 'white party' in Seattle. Oh yes, the magic is back. Our signature event and our favorite to co-create with you. The classy, conscious and sexy night that is our 'white costume party' with higher intentions, production value and magic.


Syd is one of the longest running fun creators in the Bay Area dance music and underground arts scene and a staple DJ presence on the West Coast. He’s been called a “Renaissance man of the West Coast scene,” and Spin Magazine called him “The man behind the music of Burning Man.” He's the founder and music curator of the legendary Opulent Temple collective, best known for their premiere sound stage at Burning Man. Also the founder and talent booker for Opel Productions, throwing club events and ‘parties with purpose’ in San Francisco for 16+ years, and former producer of the San Francisco LovEvolution / Love Parade. But he's also a child psychologist with a Doctorate in transpersonal psychology, occasional music producer, blogger on social issues, and of course an active and busy DJ.

GENRE: House


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