Jan 17


The Great Northern show map

The Great Northern, 119 Utah, San Francisco, California, San Francisco, California, USA, SF

9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

J-KIND is an underground DJ/Producer currently residing in San Francisco, California. His diverse and eclectic style transcends many genres, and is currently focused on his burning passion for tech house. Listening to a JKIND mix is inevitably a deep journey through various moods, and listeners are guaranteed a thrilling exploration of various emotions set to relentless, funky beats. Whether or not it's deep, introspective, jazzy, urgent or imperative, your neck is guaranteed to move to the beat once he works the dancefloor into a frenzy with the bottomless crate of jewels in his crate.

Emanate (Emily & Nate) fell in love with the mystique of electronic music at an early age. Nathan Vain knew right away what his future passion held when he acquired his first turntables at the age of 17. Emily Fox took a different route starting her journey in the music scene as an organizer and promoter. This endeavor lead to landing Nathan his first residency at a popular after hours spot back in 2001.A few years down the road and a desire for their success growing strong they moved to San Francisco together and started producing music as Emanate. Nathan enhanced his knowledge of music and the industry working at DanceRecords.com from ‘04 to ‘09 as a Content Manager, that was followed by a stint interning at the Mothership / Dirtybird labels. He also spent some time at the DJTechTools office working with midi controllers and software.

RSVP Ticket before 10:30 PM: Free
General Admission: $10

GENRE: Techno


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