Dec 14


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11:00 PM - 6:00 AM

Twisting her listeners through deep techno and acid sounds to warm house tracks, as dub techno chords, pumping basslines and delicate vocals drift together, Ocean's music is simple but moody, favoring human feelings over machine-like clicks and pops. Currently holding residencies at Hong Kong's top two underground clubs, oma, and Social Room, and also serving as Social Room's Music Director, Ocean Lam has been the go-to choice to support touring artists like Sven Vath, Jimpster, Efdemin, and many more.

Basil Tam is a DJ/producer who has been in the music scene for a total of 16 years. The first 9 years of his music career, he was Dj-ing in London, during this time he steadily built up his musical knowledge and technical experience, which has gained him the credibility of being one of the leading Chinese DJs within the UK scene.

A hint of House, a pinch of Funk, liberally sprinkled with Techno, he's managed to hold on to his unique style throughout the years, a rhythm that enchants the floor. Born in 1975, Fresh Funky S started hopping around Paris with a bag of beats when he became the owner of his first set of decks, in 1997. During the time of his first sets at the Dépanneur and the Pigalles he also paced the numerous Flyman parties, before moving on to Les Bains Douches, the Delaville Café, the Batofar Terrace and the Léopard, the Troisième Lieu or Yono.

GENRE: Techno / House


Basil Tam
Fresh Funky S
Ocean Lam