Apr 9-13

Matinée Easter Weekend 2020 · Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain show map


11:30 PM - 6:00 AM

General Admission Mega Woof: EUR 21.80
General Admission H.I.M: EUR 26.95
General Admission Forever Tel Aviv: EUR 32.10
General Admission La Leche: EUR 32.10
General Admission full access: EUR 93.90

GENRE: House

Welcome to the third edition of Europe’s hottest Spring Festival! If you’re hungry for sun, party and holidays but you can’t wait until the summer, here’s something to tide you over! Matinée Group brings you the ultimate spring getaway: 4 full days of world-class DJs and events shared with thousand of clubbers from all over the world. Do you want to know why Barcelona will become the place to be from April 13th to 16th? Come and find out!

Considered as one of the scene new talents, Allysson Luis integrates the select group of renowned Brazilian DJ/producers with international prestige while being a resident of Angels Events and FlyWish the biggest gay parties in switzerland.

Andrei Stan was born in Romania, He has always had an ear for music, sound literally excited him. Although he had started taking piano lessons while he was young, it wasn't until he
really felt the clubbing atmosphere that he discovered in the music, the energy and the expression within it. Soon he started playing at private parties, then, while experimenting with house music as a DJ, he realised that he wanted to entertain and share his love for music with others. Being only 18 and having played already in some of the best clubs in
Romania, he soon moved to Belgium where he continued his dream of becoming a DJ. He combines glamour, elegance and sophistication on the decks with his house-progressive-tribal sound.


Allysson Luis
Andrei Stan
Flavio Zarza
Isaac Escalante
Mor Avrahami
Phil Romano
Rick Braile
Sagi Kariv
Taito Tikaro
Tom Stephan