Mar 23


Dada Bar (Shanghai) show map

115 Xingfu Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China

8:15 PM - 5:00 AM

Eugenio Altieri is a music producer and designer based in Shanghai.Born in Napoli, Altieri produces music for Slow motion Record an Italian label based in Berlin who’s aim is to promote a new wave of sound inspired from the 80s but with a more contemporary vision. His music is defined by Asian vibes and Cyberpunk feeling mixed with his ITALO spirits and played and supported by many international artists such as Ivan Smagghe, Optimo, Alexander Robotnik, Dj Rocca and others. The style of his productions is a combination of lo-fi “field’ recordings with modern and retro music technologies, to create a unique and organic sound.

Best Records:
"Na Mi"
"Hara Masumi"

Born in Taiwan, Velvet Robot is a slave of the desk, working hard with happy tears on weekdays, but switching to a music player on weekends. Keeping natural grey hair, she was a fangirl of New Wave/ Cold Wave when in school band, and also strongly influenced by retro futurism, science fiction, and INTERGALACTIC FM (CBS), Velvet Robot conjoins Italo, Electro, Cosmic, Synth pop, and occasionally, mixing Asian or African elements unpredictably. Running “Synth Crush” party series, she also played warm-up sets for Legowelt, Horse Meat Disco, Honey Sound System, Bell Towers, etc.

GENRE: House / Electro


Velvet Robot