Jan 12


Sound Nightclub show map

Sound Nightclub, 1642 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles, California, USA, LA

10:00 PM - 4:00 AM

The remarkable story of HVOB began in April 2012. With the idea of making an entirely new kind of electronic music: intelligent, sophisticated, emotive and melodic. This idea led to four snippets which were uploaded to Soundcloud – causing an immediate sensation in Europe. Their first EP ("Dogs") was released in summer 2012. Then came the debut album in spring 2013 ("HVOB"), glowing reviews by critics all over Europe, Top 15 in the US Billboard Charts' "Next Big Sound" category, several number 1 chart entries on iTunes, number 3 in the Beatport charts. The two musicians behind HVOB are Anna Müller and Paul Wallner. Anna Müller composes, produces and also provides the captivating, hypnotic vocals. Final production of the tracks is done in collaboration with Paul Wallner in his Vienna studio. Together they are responsible for creating the unique sound of HVOB.

Best Records:
"The Last Song Ever Written"
"Always Like This"


GENRE: Electronic