Jan 11


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Des Voeux Rd C 279, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong & Macau

11:00 PM - 5:00 AM

1 people going

There's an ongoing lust for dialogue when it comes to Italian DJ and producer Massimiliano Pagliara – be it through his collaborations and solo productions, during his DJ sets or on a personal level. Stemming from Lecce, Massimilano Pagliara has been based in Berlin for several years where he's been one of the main forces behind recombining the city's hardboiled techno scene with an often overlooked sensibility for the soft and the tender. Call it underground disco passion. Massi describes his style as an eclectic mix of house, disco, electro, and techno – one may call it current-yet-classic. DJing has since led to production. These days Massi lets his obsession with analog synths run wild – usually, he's holed up in his apartment studio, working on his latest productions. Massimilano's last and sophomore album, ‘With One Another’ (LARJ, 2014), was about celebrating the joy of human encounters and in parts seemed like a big get-together with like-minded artists and friends. The record quickly hit the number one spot in Groove magazine's album chart – and its creator hit the road.

Door Ticket before Midnight: $100
Door Ticket after Midnight: $150

GENRE: Electro / House / Techno / Disco


Massimiliano Pagliara