Feb 15


Timbre Room show map

1809 Minor Ave. Seattle, Washington, Seattle

10:00 PM - 3:00 AM

In 2013, Everett discovered Desert Hearts. He didn’t know it at the time, but his first experience with house music and transformational festivals would forge a new life—one as a believer in intentional communities, and the other, as a DJ. Now a resident DJ at Seattle’s Timbre Room, MIND at LARGE collective and The Collective clubhouse, Everett DJs the Seattle scene including nights at Q Nightclub, Monkey Loft, Substation, and Kremwerk. His sound full of hulkish beats and introspective interludes—which he describes as “Desert House” is an homage to the DJ’s, the culture, the style and the sound of the Southern California scene that gave birth to his love for house music.

Zach Meissner [Meistro] grew up playing music amongst the thriving Seattle jazz scene, playing with the likes of Wynton Marsalis, Quincy Jones, and Reggie Watts. His passion for funk and melodic progression shine through across his wide range of 4/4 genres. Meistro’s pulsing sets span deep house, tribal tech, disco, and melodic techno. His favorite part of DJing within the Pacific Northwest music scene is the dedicated focus on creating safe spaces that draw together community and family. He has worked with a variety of local crews including Studio 4/4, Mind at Large, and Noise Complaint.

Best Records:
"Dark Matter"
"Dead Signal"

Door Ticket: $10

GENRE: Electronic / House


DJ Spaceotter
Erin O'Connor
Everett Leftside
Jay Peeki