Sep 25

Giuliano Porcelli for TheSlot on X-Centri1c 9/25

GMT +3 (Bulgaria Time) show map

Live Stream

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


"TheSlot", a brand created by DJ Giuliano Porcelli in 2011, is presented in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, as a radio show on Infnity FM, a radio station of which Giuliano immediately becomes an integral part and TheSLOT becomes a well-known brand thanks to the considerable ratings achieved. Every last Sunday of the month, an hour of his set plays within the show, with international direct and subsequent daily reruns, broadcast by Infnity FM throughout the month, until the new TheSLOT date. The idea of ​​the artist Giuliano Porcelli is to make people who listen to that set hour feel a festive atmosphere in the live coverage of TheSLOT while staying comfortably synchronized through the network. In 2020 Giuliano Porcelli is contacted by X-centri1c, a well-known Bulgarian radio that requests him as a DJ and at the same time as a brand and show "Theslot" thus confirming a second monthly appointment that will see him protagonist with "Theslot" every last Friday of the month on X -Centri1 with international direct. So Giuliano is aiming for the last weekend of the month with "Theslot: it will open the weekend on Friday evening on X-centri1 and will close it on Sunday evening on" Infinity fm ".


Giuliano Porcelli