Dec 7


After Dark And Beyond show map

10:00 PM - 3:00 AM

FuFu is excited to celebrate with its 4 Year Anniversary at Octave, Central Hong Kong. After 4 years of pushing the music scene in Hong Kong with numerous events with FuFu agency, ROAM, Shi Fu Miz festival but also with the record label, FuFu Records.

It’s tempting to concentrate on Felix’s history, such as his days knocking about with the Tonka Soundsystem, his pre-criminal justice act rave orchestration, his 10 years DJing for the Lifeforce parties in Japan or any of his DJing and touring achievements during the early formation of the UK House scene. But, to concentrate on any of these things is clearly missing the point. Yes, Felix was making and playing music in those “early days”, but he has consistently championed underground music to this very day, via his myriad of musical guises and aliases including Foolish and Sly, LHAS Inc, Das Etwas, Bastedos, and his Japanese collaboration Dedication, on labels like DFA, Eskimo, Rush Hour and Golf Channel or through his own Label, Cynic Music. Bizarre as it seems after such a lengthy involvement spent at the heart of the scene, despite everything he’s already achieved It still makes more sense to be excited about what Felix is going to next.

Advance Ticket: $150 (Including 1 Drink)
Door Ticket: $200 (Including 1 Drink)

GENRE: Electronic / House


Felix Dickinson