Jun 26

Entropy with Nanogram x Vivian Tx

宀 Club show map

Des Voeux Rd C 279, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

11:00 PM - 5:00 AM


Entropy with Nanogram x Vivian Tx.


Nanogram is the Hong Kong-based DJ project of Jason Ng. Since 2017, Nanogram has evolved through different genres ultimately finding his own unique style of blending techno, industrial and experimental electronic music. Heavily inspired by post-punk and industrial music culture, Nanogram has since determined to bring the dystopian sound to Hong Kong. Realizing the lack of well-tuned sound systems and a music-focused venue in Hong Kong, which limits the possibility to enjoy the far left segment of electronic music, Nanogram found a team of like-mined and driven individuals to build 宀 Club together, and started his event series at the club – Entropy, which emphasizes on experimentation on the art of selection, mixing and live performances. Nanogram is a resident DJ of 宀 Club, and has performed alongside Phase Fatale, Mr. Ho, Sinus O, and more. He has also performed at a renowned experimental venue in Tokyo, KGR Tokyo, and has contributed a podcast mix to C-Kay’s Coma Hole series.

Vivian Tx’s musical arsenal is full of techno, non-techno, and everything in between. While she may be known as a techno DJ, she isn’t one to shy away from enjoying all kinds of music, and you’ll sometimes hear her incorporating electro, breaks, house, minimal, experimental and whatnots into her sets. Her approach to Djing might not be fail-safe, but for sure organic - instead of deliberately cultivating a signature sound and brand image for herself and micro-controlling every millisecond of her sets, she would rather let the muse take over and play what feels right on the spur of the moment, making every transition dangerously tight and spontaneous, yet true to the instance. It is important to her that the DJ is having fun together with the audience, and being impulsive is her favourite part of record spinning.

GENRE: Electronic / House


Vivian Tx