Feb 23


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Hong Kong & Macau

10:00 PM - 2:00 AM

BudBall hails from Macau and is a DJ, musician and emerging electronic producer that has been contributing to the Bass Music scene since an early age. Along with Dubstep Pioneer N1D, he founded Ecstatic Bass, a movement and collective that is today considered one of the main progenitors of Bass-driven music and Sound System Culture in the region. As an expert DJ, BudBall’s sets have gained the acclaim of both touring artists and the electronic music community as a whole. Whether he is performing as one of the main acts at a festival such as Sonar or humbly doing his own thing at an underground warehouse rave, followers can trust that they will be moved by his weighty, aggressive sounds and high energy mixing style. He has performed countless shows in Hong Kong, China and different Asian cities as both a headliner/festival drawcard and as one of the main supporting artist of choice by promoters for touring internationals.

A core member of 15grams from Hong Kong, A CHANGA, has turned from a bass player to a DJ who enjoys filling a club with low-frequency vibrations - mostly a mix of 140 dubwise/dubstep tunes/jungle music for concrete junglist. He also spins deep/dub/acid techno and good collections of psy chill for events with different vibes. A CHANGA is currently running and exploring the possibility of the Buondodhi series of gigs, which boldly brings together different types of electronic music, including experimental, techno, drum and bass, and dubstep. A CHANGA also supports different djs or producers like japanese dubstep pioneer, Goth-trad, and Truth from New Zealand in their live gigs around HK.

GENRE: Drum & Bass


DJ Saiyan
Just Bee
Kief E
Lyndon Jarr
Rogue Motion