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Oct 18
1:00 AM - 9:00 AM
"We are hyped to be able to take part with this No Shade stream for Beatport in the times of Covid, streaming from the location of Factory Berlin where we are currently doing our artist residency. Now that lockdowns and regulations are tightening again, we are happy to have an opportunity to offer some relief from the current pressures by bringing you the diverse range of sounds and DJs that is emblematic of our collective." No Shade was founded in 2017, not as a party, but as a training program to bring more women, trans- and non-binary DJs into the scene and provide a platform to help them get professional bookings. The collective has in the years since its founding expanded into working with sound, lights, visuals, 3D-scanning, merch and event production in addition to their original DJ rooster and training program. Like many other collectives, No Shade are fundamentally intersectional in their thinking, aiming to bring together artists of all different sexual, gender and ethnic identities. The lack of representation of people like them on club lineups reflects a deeper sense of marginalization on the societal level, but they believe that dancefloors are a space that can be molded and shaped – not only to make dancing more accessible and safer, but to push the rest of society towards their egalitarian ideals.
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  • Ace of Diamonds

    Born, raised and based in Berlin, Ace of Diamonds is part of the artistic collective No Shade. As she finds herself too fast to live and too young to die, her sets are a threshold between the living and the dead. Always killing, never chilling, the dancefloor gives her comfort, because it's where she finds her own rhythm. It's a drum heavy, ravey sound, led by rapid rhyhtms, full of vivid mash-ups, tempo changes and unusual combinations in sound, while her slapping beats win every mortal combat.
    Berlin, Germany
    • Jungle
  • Ceekayin2u

    CeeKayIn2u, Ceekay Juicy Ninja and Carmel Köster. All three names go back to one artist who lives and breathes various forms of DJing, dancing, choreographing and filmmaking. Based in Berlin, the multi-faceted No Shade co-founder has been working her way through the city’s club circuit since 2016. Bouncing off the warmth and flow of ideas that radiate from her fellow No Shade crew members, Carmel uses the moniker of Ceekayin2u to flex her taste in bass, tropical house and 'femme beats' to engage her dancefloor and create a tangible sense of energy. As well as DJing at No Shade parties, she also helps to meticulously plan every aspect of the event series to reflect the vision and ethos of the femme, trans and non-binary-led platform. As Ceekay Juicy Ninja, Carmel has played at specific parties called Balls which celebrate Berlin’s Vogueing community. Seeped in extensive knowledge about ballroom culture, Ceekay Juicy Ninja is an outlet for Carmel to bring the sounds of the 1980’s.....
    Berlin, Germany
    • House
    • Hip Hop/R&B
  • Folly Ghost

    Brazilian DJ/producer based in Berlin and member of No Shade. Folly Ghost is an active member of No Shade, a collective, training program and club night series for femme, trans and non-binary DJs. His tracks are a collection of seductive rhythms with a fierce bass that set the mood for a celebration of bodies. Mixtures of Baile Funk with Ballroom Beats and other types of club music are often featured in his sets creating a high energy atmosphere. Folly Ghost's main commitment is not to genres, but to building an environment of naughtiness and delight.
    Berlin, Germany
    • Funk
    • Bass
    • Other
  • Grinderteeth

    Grinderteeth, the Berlin-based solo project of Norwegian Veslemøy Rustad Holseter utilizes live improvisation through hardware, mapping & Max Msp to build cathedral-verb drenched, downtempo noise soundscapes blending pounding beats with layered, manipulated vocals. Her no-boundaries approach to producing, sound works & DJ-ing build heavy experimental beat-textures fused with harmonic live improvisation, often exploring socio-political themes of intersectional feminism, gender, & sexuality drawing in lines from hyper-emotionality, mythology & current-day politics.Grinderteeth is a core member of the Berlin-collective 'No Shade', hosting mentoring & training programs for female, non-binary & trans DJs & has previously presented work on NTS London, Kunstfabrik HB55, Berlin, National Jazzscene, Oslo, Peyote, Istanbul, & Multitest, Vienna to mention some. In March 2019 she was the Berlin Amplify’s artist resident mentored by Born in Flamez, where Rustad Holseter finished her debut EP ‘Bicthdoctrine'....
    Berlin, Germany
    • Downtempo
  • Kikelomo

    Kikelomo is a London born, Berlin based DJ, Radio Presenter and Boiler Room Host. She is currently hosting her own radio show 'Pass The Aux' on Cashmere Radio, showcasing the very best in UK and underground club music. She is an active member of the collective No Shade, a club night series and DJ training program for femme, trans and non-binary DJs based in Berlin, actively pushing diversity and inclusion in the music industry.Her eclectic sound stems from many influences in her life, including her home city London and her Nigerian roots. As a result, her high energy sets are packed full of everything from grime, garage, techno, deconstructed club,, funky house and bass, to hip hop, rap, kuduro, jersey and baile funk. This sound has become renowned for it’s ability to get crowds moving. Since starting out in September 2017, Kikelomo has experienced an explosive growth, playing across multiple continents alongside the likes of DJ Stingray, BBK and Skepta....
    Berlin, Germany
    • Techno
    • Hip Hop/R&B
    • Garage
  • Panasiagirl

    Berlin, Germany
    • Ambient
  • Perigga

    PERIGGA is a core member of the Berlin based collective and club night series No Shade.
    Berlin, Germany
    • Bass