Sep 19

Bassfest Summer Festival 2020

Don Valley Bowl show map

Sheffield, UK, Europe

11:00 AM - 10:30 PM


General Admission: EUR 45
VIP Ticket: EUR 50
Super VIP Ticket: EUR 55


Bassfest ravers, the announcement you’ve all been waiting & hoping for is here! We can now tell you the new rescheduled date for Bassfest 2020 is Saturday 19th September! All ticket holders - your tickets will automatically be transferred to the new date. You don’t need to do a thing. The event is now very close to selling out, with the rescheduled date now announced all Final Release tickets will go on sale this FRIDAY AT 7AM. If you cannot make the new September date and would like a refund please email, Please ensure you supply your name, ticket reference beginning TS-, number of tickets you'd like refunded and e-mail from the original purchaser's e-mail address. Requests for refunds will open 7am this Friday 3rd July and close at 7am Friday 10th July. Any requests received outside these times will NOT be processed.

We’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank you all for your support, patience & understanding. This has been a very frustrating, upsetting & testing time for us all and we’ve all tried to deal with it the best way possible. There are no rules or guidance for such unprecedented circumstances. Please know that we only want what’s best for our customers, we take COVID-19 very seriously and right now we are taking in every single bit of government, local police & council advice. We are putting in all safety measures & procedures required or that we know of so that if the event goes ahead you will all be raving in the safest environment possible. We’ve also worked very hard on keeping the same line up we had in July and will be adding more acts if any can’t make it, full line up will be released very soon. With that said we know that even in September there’s a chance this event might not go ahead. We’re not trying to fool anyone or pretend that everything is fine and we most certainly aren’t trying to keep anyone’s money. What we are doing is hoping and praying that this event does still go ahead. For all the Bassfest ravers, for all our sanity’s, to give us all something to look forward to, and of course for Bassfest to survive. There could still be a light at the end of the tunnel and we will fight as hard as we can until we’re told it’s over. It’s no secret that just like most big events/festivals, if our event doesn’t take place this year it will affect us on a massive scale. An impact so big that without your support we may not be able to recover from but we would never keep your money, ever! Now the rescheduled date is announced if you want a refund you can of course have one once the email goes live this Friday. You may not have heard much from us in the past couple of months but that’s simply because we don’t have the answers to give you. No one does. But we cannot leave this any longer. We are going for it and we hope you’ll all stick with us and cross every bone in your bodies that this event still goes ahead! Then, if it doesn’t, you will ALL once again have the chance to get a full refund or the chance to support us even further by keeping your tickets for BASSFEST 2021! By keeping your ticket it would ensure BASSFEST survives, it really is that simple, we won’t sugar coat it. Without that support and structure in place all the hard work we’ve all done for this event (yourselves included) over the last 7 years will simply collapse and it will likely be impossible to come back next year anywhere near the scale of event we are today. We want to be totally honest with you at this point. One thing we can promise you is that if you do keep your tickets and stick by us we will repay your support by coming back next year with our biggest line up, crowd & production ever. Your support would enable that to happen! You are what makes Bassfest, we will be forever grateful for your support all the way from our first event 7 years ago until now and into the future. Don’t ever think we would take that or your trust for granted. We want our event to grow for years to come, look how far we’ve come already, without your support that wouldn’t have been possible.

GENRE: Drum & Bass


Lineup TBA