Feb 15


Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar show map

1508 11th Ave, Seattle, Washington, Seattle

9:00 PM - 1:30 AM

Hector Rodriguez, DJ/producer also known as EMRLDZ is an up & coming player in the Emerald City’s rich dance music landscape. His love for creating emotive sounds that move people is woven in with his devotion to the vibrant community that he calls home. Raised on a healthy diet of salsa, merengue, hip hop and R&B, his initial exposure to dance music came through pop. The seeds for a future in audio engineering took root at the perfect time - picture a young US Marine posted up in the mountains of Afghanistan armed with a laptop, headphones and a copy of Fruity Loops. Making beats for the crew he was with became a lifeline for survival.

Best Records:

Mr.Linden plays music appropriate for the moment, always looking to get people on the dance floor and keep 'em there using a blend of brand new and classic tracks. Mr. Linden moved to Seattle from Anchorage in 1998, saw Carl Cox 2 months later in 1999 and knew he made the right choice. He had pretty good luck for someone just ghosting though the Seattle DJ community; Played at ETG, Sole repair, a short residency at The Living Room, playing at the SAM Sculpture park for one of the REMIX nights several years on a makeshift Pride Float... It wasn’t until 2016 that he decided to take it a little more seriously and pursue his passion of making people dance with more gusto.

GENRE: House


Hector Rodriguez
Mr. Linden
Shaun Whitcher