Sep 29

Ableton Meetup Tokyo Vol.32 Streaming

GMT +9 (Tokyo Time) show map

Live Stream

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM



Ableton Meetup Tokyo will webcast live from Studio X of Contact, one of Tokyo’s most beloved dance floors, Another late addition of Ableton Meetup Tokyo (AMT) is scheduled on Tuesday September 29, 2020 inviting 2 presenters and 2 DJs to webcast live from Contact Tokyo, one of the best dance music venues in the city. Sancho Meiso Chaya, as a presenter, will crack open his Ableton Live project for his recent live set to show how he prepares and performs his music live. Ever wondered what the person is doing behind the laptop during the live performance? It is a great opportunity for you to deep dive into it, finding out not only for your own live performance but also for your music production as well. Chrumi, the other presenter, will show up on stage for AMT’s classic “20 minutes challenge” where she builds a track from scratch in 20 minutes. Let’s see what happens when a producer releasing her music from Japan’s rising techno label called SPECTRA will come up with this time boxed challenge. Want some music in between these 2 presentations? We have got 2 diverse DJs to fill out that need! Rinnai, known as a deep tech / house DJ as well as an event host, will be behind the deck to bring us her eclectic selection of music to keep the vibes going. Maki Akagi, a DJ and a flower artist, will showcase her wide range of talent through her unclassifiable genres of DJ set in which you can expect some highly attractive soundscapes for Tuesday evening. One last thing we are happy to announce is that you can watch everything mentioned above online for free! Save the date on your calendar now and join online from anywhere you feel comfortable and safe. We are looking forward to getting together with you online!

GENRE: Techno / House


Maki Akagi