Jun 9


Myst show map

No. 12, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei,

2:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Gifted with a magical touch for electronic music, MadAM has the ability to pump up any live crowd.The enthusiasm and style they put into their music is achieved by using trendy songs. They can alternate between slow-paced Hip Hop and Trap music depending on the crowd's response, which allows them to experience the fullest extent of party music. MadAM is currently one of Taipei, Tainan & Taichung, most sought after female DJ for major clubs and performance venues.

Event Details:

DJ Alyshia&DJ Mira.S combine to form the MadAM DJ duo. The highly sought after band has just finished their European tour, and is just starting their Asian tour. Club Myst would like to invite the exceptionally talented DJs to Myst on June 9.

MadAM 與你一起渡過端午佳節!!
由派對女皇 Alyshia .L - 阿莉殺 及甜姐兒 DJ Mira.S 組成的MadAM雙人組,才剛結束歐洲巡演,便馬不停蹄的接著展開亞洲區的演出。此次端午連假Club Myst邀請近期最值得關注的女團- MadAM
6月9日,MadAM 聯手演出瘋狂不羈又不按牌理出牌的派對!!