Jan 20


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10:00 PM - 6:00 AM


Music maturity came swiftly for the rising EDM stars Zac Macanally & Andrew Kinnaird, better known as Skytek. At the ripe age of26 and 22, the young Australians were ranked top 3 best DJby INTheMix (2016). These award-winning DJ's, producer's, musician’s, brand owners and lover's of all things music have not only helped shape the surrounding music industry but also begun paving the way for future producers and musicians in both Australia and Asia. The rise of Skytek as the young boy's from the city of Gold Coast into ripened international Artists has become an inspiring tale for many. Coming full circle from a dream to the reality of wanting to become International Dj's, we can be assured that the Skytek's name, face, and the sound is a force that will certainly be sticking around for many years to come.


GENRE: EDM / Electronic